• kenburns1
    Start with a .com

    Have a custom URL to show off
    or add a listen live on.

    Whether your wanting to show off your information about you
    or simply make a way for listeners to hear you anytime you stream.
    Best way to show off your skills.

    Starting at $1.50USD
  • kenburns1
    Custom Subdomain

    Subdomain option available.

    Get a subdomain as a branded option.
    shows your name and your port to listen on

    Starting at $2.50USD

Register Your Domain Now!

  • .com $11/yr
  • .net $15/yr
  • .org $16/yr
  • .xyz $12/yr

Popular Plans

Monthly, AutoDJ and Radio Station, Yearly plans
Plans to meet your needs

  • 1K Listeners
  • 192KB/s Bitrate
  • Control Panel
  • 24/7 Support
  • 99% uptime
Radio Personal
  • 6K Listeners
  • 192KB/s Bitrate
  • Control Panel
  • 24/7 Support
  • N/A Space
Contact Us
Custom Plan
  • Contact Us
  • Contact Us
  • Contact Us
  • 24/7 Support
  • Control Panel

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DCTS Solutions Benefits
server and services

Few Stream Options

These are just a few of the features we provide or
able to do with our service.

 Monthly Plans

Monthly Streaming Plans

Cost starts at $475L
  • Basic Stream
  • Shared IP address
  • No AutoDJ

Monthly plans are for those who are looking for something simple and easy to get going for when they are starting off or looking to be able to stream without any issues. Always on and ready to go.

Yearly Plans

Yearly Streaming Plans

Cost starts at $5,700L
  • Flate Rate
  • Same due date yearly
  • No additional fees

Yearly plans are available for those who like to pay it yearly and then don't worry about it until you hit the following year and then keep on DJing, streaming or enjoying a radio.

AutoDJ Sample

AutoDJ Streams

Cost starts at $750L
  • Multiple DJs
  • Radio Function
  • Custom Music Allowed
  • Radio Advertisements Allowed

Auto DJ is like giving custom access to the DJs to be able to login and keep the same stream going, or if you want a radio function they can use when streaming but have music playing when they aren't.

Domain Sample Account

Domain Registration

Cost starts at $10.00/yr
  • .com available
  • .net available
  • Multiple extensions
  • Setup on server

We have .com and .net or other multiple extensions available upon request, please contact us on live chat for best pricing.

Dedicated IP address

Dedicated IP

Cost starts at $2.00/mo
  • Dedicated IP
  • Same URL

With a dedicated IP, you will be glad to know that you have same URL with that IP and port as it won't change, so you can keep it saved in your broadcaster.

Broadcasting Example

Spreading great tunes.
Worldwide and over quality signal.

We have built our platform to run on WHMSonic and the latest version for new features and stable running quality. Never a weak or low signal, quality from start til your done.

AutoDJ Available
plenty of radio space

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