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1GB of space for AutoDJ to keep the music alive
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Bitrate 128kb/s
Bandwidth Unlimited
Listeners 2k (2,000)
Space 1GB (1024MB)
AutoDJ Included
Control Panel Included
Web Panel Included
Support Included
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Features of Ice 1GB ADJ?

Good to go
Ready to Go

Ready to go or take over from AutoDJ to be heard wherever your stream is

2k in listeners
2K (2,000) Listeners

All of our streams come with 2K in listeners to enjoy you streaming

New Feature
Chrome HTTPS Supported
Chrome HTTPS Supported

Chrome HTTPS supported, so you can be heard on Chrome without issue

Popular Reason
Upgraded Control Panel
Upgraded Control Panel

Upgraded Control Panel to clean modern, professional look. User friendly too

Google Maps API Available
Google Maps Listeners

Google Maps API supported for listener based map tracking easier.

Support Included
Support Included

If you need support, then please simply contact us and we will help you quickly.

Awesome Support Options

We have support available through live chat, tickets or email. We also have our Facebook© and other social media to help out too.

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Changing Providers?

We can transfer the stream from the previous provider or we can see about getting you setup with the same info as long as the port isn't in use already.

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